Call Center

If the business activities of organization include large number of requests from the clients which require constant interaction the Call center is the solution to ensure maximum efficiency of such work.

Open Technologies offers services on introduction of hardware and software complex for Call Center which will allow to automate and increase efficiency of work with large number of requests to organization irrespective of electronic channels they are received by: the phone, e-mail or the company web-site.

The solution action principle is the following: according to established business rules and financial objectives every request to the company is forwarded to the employee the most competent in the request topic. Transparent integration with CRM and similar information systems ensures display of window with information about client at the monitor of the Call Center operator simultaneously with call.

The solution is intended for:

  • rescue service, ambulance, police, etc.;
  • reference and consulting services;
  • banks, insurance companies;
  • communication and telecommunication operators;
  • state services provided to population;
  • commercial Call Centers (outsourcing).

Call Center has the following advantages:

  • Optimization of work with calls and, as a consequence, saving of the company monetary and human resources.
  • Prompt and effective servicing of a client increasing his or her satisfaction.
  • Use of both telephone channels and alternative means of interaction with client such as e-mail, web collaboration, fax, sms, etc.
  • Distribution of load to all IVR system and implementation of automatic scenarios without operators' participation.
  • Integration with corporate CRM system thus allowing using the company information resources.
  • Unified central management of the Call Center resources (operators, reports, routing, etc.), clear and descriptive model of the contact center efficiency.
  • Call statistics system and possibility to record talks allow solving disputes which can occur during conversation with client.

Open Technologies provides the whole range of works on creation of Call Center - from pre-design inspection to development and design of solution, its integration with existing infrastructure introduction and support. Close cooperation with leading manufacturers of telecommunication equipment allows us proposing solutions corresponding both to technical needs and business requirements.