Automatic Control Systems for Processing Facilities

Open Technologies offers development and introduction of technical means complex (TMC) providing monitoring, control and diagnostics for production processes both in automatic and automated mode.

AS can be designed and implemented as full-fledged AS including the whole functionality according to current requirements stipulated by the regulatory legislation and can be developed as separate automation elements or as subsystems of existing ACS.

Regarding the construction architecture we offer the following centralized and decentralized AS:

IAS for energy facilities (APCS: boilers, turbines, electric equipment, frequency and power exchange monitoring systems, etc.)

The systems is aimed for faultless cost-effective performance of power heating and energy equipment of energy facilities.

IAS for metallurgy facilities (APCS: furnaces, boilers, rectifiers, etc.)

The systems are aimed for automatic faultless cost-effective performance of the general and additional equipment of metallurgy enterprises.

IAS for housing and utilities infrastructure (APCS: different pump stations, data transfer systems, accommodation and office building sustainment automation)

Vibromonitoring system

The system is aimed for continuous control of vibrostate and periodic diagnostics of turbines, fume exhausts, air compressors and other industrial enterprise equipment.