Service and Outsourcing

Open Technologies offers full range of services on technical support of IT infrastructure and outsourcing of IT service for large and geographically distributed organizations. Our portfolio is intended to cover all processes of support and operation of IT systems allowing you to focus on achievement of the company business objectives.

We offer:

  • Maintenance and technical support of heterogeneous IT systems, mono- and multi-vendor IT infrastructure;
  • partial or full outsourcing of IT service functions;
  • maintenance of engineer infrastructure of Call Centers and offices;
  • support and maintenance of software, business-applications;
  • support for IT system users.

In provisioning of IT services to the clients Open Technologies follows the next principles:

  • Strategic approach to IT service organization.

Support is provided to IT administrators at all stages of IT service management life cycles including: planning and substantiation of budget; collection of requirements and preparation of technical specification; preparation of introduction and control of the service contract implementation; planning and execution of events on optimization of IT services budget.

  • Complex solutions.

We offer the whole range of services on IT service maintenance: from operation of IT infrastructure to support of IT systems users.

  • Individual attention to every client.

We develop customized service project taking into account needs of every customer, peculiarities and possibilities of its IT systems.

  • Focus on final result.

Our company develops service solutions aimed to solve business tasks of our clients.

  • Enhancement of efficiency.

We constantly improve quality of our services provided, optimize processes and improve qualification to offer the best practices of service project implementation to our clients.

Using services of Open Technologies you receive:

  • IT system and services work quality improvement;
  • possibility of flexible control of volume and quality of services depending on relevant business needs;
  • decrease of losses connected to IT services dead time;
  • optimization of operation expenses of information infrastructure due to optimization of IT systems operation management and introduction of personnel efficiency improvement methods;
  • greater transparency of IT budget and forecasting of IT costs;
  • solution of IT service support problems arising due to low competence of IT service employees;
  • reduction of new project terms.

How we achieve this:

  • monitoring;
  • administration;
  • implementation support (consulting) for changes/additions of the network topology;
  • support (remote consultations, replacement of defective parts);
  • actual support of service contracts with manufacturers;
  • equipment inventory record keeping;
  • development of recommendation and requirements to supported IT system service level;
  • control of service level/ quality of services provided.

Open Technologies Service Center provides services on 24x7 technical support and maintenance of customer's systems at the whole territory of Russia. Today it employs over 40 highly qualified specialists attested by the world largest manufacturers of server and telecommunication equipment. They are ready to help and provide consultation to customers on technical issues of any difficulty. Customized approach to every client, various support programs, flexible pricing policy ensure the best interaction with the client. Every customer works with dedicated service manager.

For all questions to our Service Center, please, call 8 800 200 0877 (free for all Russian regions, multi-channel, 24x7) or send free-form request to our e-mail: