Audit and design

Open Technologies renders auditing and designing services for the organization IT infrastructures.

If you notice that information systems and the IT infrastructure connected with them that has been successfully used until now, no longer meet the needs of your organization or make the achievement of strategic aims impossible in future, then you should order a service of expert appraisement of the current condition of the IT infrastructure and organization services in Open Technologies. You will receive a plan for efficiency improvement and reduction in system operating costs.

If you plan to build a new IT infrastructure and IT system, designing will be the core phase of its implementation. Designing in Open Technologies is:
  • provided by highly professional and knowledgeable engineers;
  • well-run work quality control scheme at every stage by specially assigned project manager and chief engineer (architect);
  • work with well-known project management methods and using in-house know-how;
  • execution of project works according to GOST and regulatory industry documents;
  • involvement of the best design organizations (if necessary to develop specific project sections).
Under the "Audit and designing", the list of our services includes: 

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