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  • Hacker attacks: basic types and reasons

    16 June 2021 In the modern realities organizations’ informational assets, which are stored in different informational systems, are material values. Confidential information, constituting a trade secret, referring to accounting, reporting information and customer data show special significance. Open Technologies Cybersecurity center has prepared a series of articles about hacker attacks: their types, security rules and preventive methods.

  • The first SD-WAN project on the Russian market

    29 April 2021 We proceed with publications about us, our projects and technical trends of the last year. We were among the first companies on the Russian market who has finished a full-cycle project based on SD-WAN technology on the geographically distributed enterprise net, including procurement, designing, testing, commissioning, and launching.

  • Back to offline

    20 April 2021 Conferences are back to offline. Hence it is already April 2021, all discussions begin with 2020 overviews – how did different companies overcome this strange and difficult period. Open Technologies have passed this pandemic test (we were listed in Top-25 best system integrators), therefore several our publications will be devoted to IT sector 2020 overview: we will tell you about us, our projects and technical trends of the previous year.

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