Introduction of Infrastructure and Application Performance Optimization Systems

With the development of the business the load on IT infrastructure grows. In most cases the problem of load increase is solved by extension of the server, data storage system and other IT infrastructure elements capacity. This implies purchase of additional licenses for different software and increase of costs of technical support extension in future. As a whole, this is a cause of significant annual (depending on company growth rate) growth of expenses for IT (both capital and operational).

The performance problems can be caused by various IT infrastructure components: from lack of computing capacity and problems with insufficient bandwidth up to instable operation of server applications and more complex interdependent combinations.

Trying to solve the aforementioned problems and optimize existing infrastructure the companies face a range of tasks such as:

  • difficulties to detect performance problem source;
  • difficulties to forecast and plan load growth;
  • difficulties to work out optimization strategy for existing IT infrastructure and increase its performance.

To increase operation performance of the existing IT infrastructure it is necessary to conduct assessment of the complex infrastructure state, detect the weakest points or chains affecting the general performance and, basing on these data, to make decision about introduction of these or that systems (solutions) to optimize performance.

These systems allow increasing performance of existing infrastructure, ensure higher efficiency with no or small capital investment and protect earlier investments.

But the detection of "narrow points" of the performance, development of optimization strategy, choice of solutions best suiting to particular situations is often a difficult task for technical personnel.

Open Technologies focuses on solution of tasks connected to IT infrastructure performance enhancement, development of optimization strategies and their performance improvement and offers a range of services including:

  • Audit of the existing IT infrastructure performance including:
    • detailed inspection of the current solution architecture;
    • collection and analysis of statistical data;
    • detailed report containing description of current defects, their elimination methods and recommendations on IT development strictly complying with the customer's business needs.
  • Development of the performance enhancement strategy taking into account current situation and minimization of financial investments.
  • Gradual introduction of infrastructure and application performance optimization systems.

Also, if necessary (for example, if some part of subsystems and components are outdated and does not comply with performance requirements), it is possible to upgrade the whole IT infrastructure or its certain components and subsystems.

As a result of these works, your company will be able to give maximum return from the existing IT infrastructure, protect earlier investment and receive information allowing making decisions about long-term development and optimization of IT expenses.

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