IT consulting

Today the successful development of the enterprise requires all enterprise information systems to meet the business requirements and to be one of the enterprise competitive advantages.

The practice shows that organizations often face difficulties trying to ensure compliance of information systems with constantly growing and changing business requirements by their own efforts, not involving resources of hardware and software manufacturers (vendors) and integrators (companies with experience in the field of information system introduction).

The situation can be resolved by involvement of external consulting company to planning and implementation of projects (programs) aimed to the company information system development.

Open Technologies offers consulting in the following fields:

1) The enterprise information system analysis, detection of the most reasonable development trend:

  • IT strategy development;
  • development of target corporate information system concept;
  • support of the option and development of future corporate information system;
  • creation of competency centers.

2) Introduction, development and support of automated enterprise management system (ERP class) and corporate information analysis system (BI):

  • enterprise business analysis (pre-design inspection);
  • support of business process optimization process and activity reorganizations;
  • system introduction;
  • support of introduced system.

3) Complex IT project and program management, organization and development of project management at the enterprise:

  • organization of project management office;
  • organization of the program coordination center;
  • complex project (program) management as a General Contractor;
  • project portfolio expertise;
  • organization, development and support of the project management at the enterprise.

The consulting services offered by our company help to plan and implement whole cycle of changes of the company information system. They are aimed to detect and work out recommendations and help to solve customers' business tasks basing on knowledges, skills and competence in the fields of management and IT.

Making use of consulting services you can improve competitiveness of your organization due to increase of operativeness and quality of personnel response to changing business conditions under strict control of expenses.

Quality of every work depends, first of all, on contractor's competence. Open Technologies pays special attention to accurate choice and training of consultants which allowed us to form successful team able to implement projects of any difficulty.

Our specialists have:

  • vast experience of corporate management system improvement;
  • experience in process description and modeling;
  • vast practice in complex program management;
  • deep knowledge of information technologies;
  • worked-out implementation methods for every task.