Network control centers reconstruction Program in the branch offices of “Rosseti Center” PJSC and “Rosseti Center and Privolzhie” PJSC.

The aim is to provide the transition of the enterprises from three-level to two-level management system and modernization of the network control centers. Open Technologies were general design engineer and contractor in this massive program, realizing the full range of works: design engineering, equipment supply, installation and pre-commissioning activities of the network control centers. Russian software SK-11 by Monitor Electrics and Russian system soft Astra Linux were implemented on Rosseti’s enterprises. As of 2021 already 10 network control centers and 6 civil control centers have been built. All works were conducted simultaneously. The Program is still being executed: it is planned to build 20 network control centers and 8 civil control centers. This project focuses on loss enhancement, observability boost, operational services work efficiency and integrated power grid’s objects reliability.

The first SD-WAN project in Russian energy sector for "Samaraenergo" PJSC Construction of corporative data transfer network