Construction of corporative data transfer network

Nestle Russia Client:
Nestle Russia
Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, announced about the completion of corporate data transfer net (CDTN) for the woks of Nestle Russia.

The corporate data transfer net was built for new Nestle facility producing dry feeds for animals, located in Kaluga Region. Its official opening is scheduled for late August.

During the project the specialists of Open Technologies designed the network, supplied, assembled and configured the equipment and commissioned the system.

The net connects various premises of the enterprise. 8 of them have users' working places. IT allows rendering data transfer and IP-TEL services.

The construction of CDTN technical architecture involved the use of Cisco Systems equipment and multi-level approach offered by this producer.

The CDN structure includes network core subsystem (intellectual traffic procession center supporting all necessary services) and access subsystem (providing access of end devices to local network and commutation on the second level of OSI model or routing).

The network core subsystem is based on two root Catalyst 4506 commutators with SupIV supervisor.  The access subsystem is based on 7 Cisco Catalyst 3560 commutators and 1 Cisco Catalyst 2940 commutator.  The users are switched to the network by FastEthernet (100 Mb/s) technology and servers by GigabitEthernet (1000 Gb/s) technology.

IP-Tel is supported by CallManager Express software on the basis of Cisco 3825 router, which is also used for switching to public telephone network and head office.

The interaction of CDTN components is aligned "Hierarchy Star". The reliability of the built system is secured by failure proof LCN core and doubled channels of switching the accessibility level commutators to the core.

Thus, the created corporate data transfer network provides for the functioning of business applications and office telephone network, gives an opportunity of common access to the corporate information resources.  Due to its contents its allows organizing simultaneous access of the personnel of various subdivisions to the applications, data bases and other services (processing, systematization and storage of internal information)

«In the future the specialists of Open Technologies will be rendering support  of software and technical service to CDTN equipment including telephone consultations, remote equipment diagnostics and installation of new models of intermediary versions and correction modules", says Corporate Clients Manager at Open Technologies Vitaly Chumanov.

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