The first SD-WAN project in Russian energy sector for "Samaraenergo" PJSC

Samaraenergo Client:
“Open Technologies” PJSC completed the project for the communication and traffic network packing routing between the units system establishment for “Samaraenergo” PJSC. This is the first software-defined SD-WAN project in the energy sector of Russian Federation.
The largest energy retailer in Middle Privolzhie has simultaneously faced several problems: obsolete equipment, the necessity to unify hardware and standardize project solutions in use. Therefore, the main goals for Open Technologies within this project became the equipment replacement, transition to GOST-algorithms channels security and organization of the dynamic communication channels reservation using different types of channels (L2VPN, L3VPN, Internet, 3G/4G).
The expert group, consisting of Open Technologies and “Samaraenergo” PJSC personnel, has chosen Cisco SD-WAN solution for organizing the connection between the objects of energy network complex, and the equipment, realizing GOST-encryption algorithms, produced by the Russian manufacturer “C-Terra” for communication channels security. The project has included the whole cycle of works: research of the existing infrastructure, engineering design, building and installation, commissioning and migration to the new infrastructure. As the result, the system has connected about 50 objects, spread out across the Samara region. The integrated solution cuts expenses on spare channels organizations by using 3G, 4G. This factor is of prime importance in small and medium localities, where the possibility to choose among fixed access operators is very limited. The advantages of SD-Wan solution in a part of simultaneous standard setting expansion on the large number of equipment save the time of “Samaraenergo” PJSC’s personnel. The increase in transport capacity and cost reduction provide the improvement in the customer’s IT-platforms usage efficiency.

Software and applications bundled support for "Azbuka Vkusa" Network control centers reconstruction Program in the branch offices of “Rosseti Center” PJSC and “Rosseti Center and Privolzhie” PJSC.