Competence Center Oracle


The Oracle Solution Center specializes in Cluster Architecture and Systems of Distributed Data Procession (GRID) and is aimed at supplying customers with qualified advice in design, testing, construction and support of complexes using Oracle Enterprise Grid infrastructute Technology

Oracle Certified Advantage Partner and Oracle Solution Center status confirm the experience and expert qualification of Open Technologies, the reliability of our reputation and professionalism displayed in implementation of Oracle solution projects. The Solution Center of Open Technologies enjoy all-out support and consultations of Oracle representatives.

The Solution Center features a showcase providing an opportunity of holding complex tests of various configurations of computational performance and applications critical for the business if the client. The showcase also demonstrates solution of Open Technologies for creation of high availability computer systems and reserve centers.

At the moment the corporative information systems encompass more and more tasks with high demand to availability of services offered by information systems. A number of tasks require around-the-clock non-stop functioning of IT services. They include corporative business applications of enterprises with non-stop industrial cycle, means of self-service and informing the clients, means of dispatcher services support, web services, mail systems. Delays in offering such services can be prompted by various reasons: equipment failure, software failure, mistakes of personnel, poor communication. Such mistakes bring about serious losses and sometimes lead to business failure. Raising the availability reduces the risk factors down the safety level of their impact in the system.

The principal method of raising the availability is target concurrent engineering. Such engineering provides for balanced application of special monitoring and response means, reservation, geographic diversity, planning and organizational provision. On the other hand, the necessity of using computer systems with maximally useful load aimed at optimization of company expenses provides for high demands to infomedia scalability, dynamic selection and redistribution of the available resources.

Oracle Enterprise Grid is a united infrastructure of independent modular software and hardware units with a possibility of dynamic us of computer resources in compliance with requirements of business. The used resources can be both physical (information storage devices, servers) and logical (databases, servers of applications) components. Oracle Enterprise Grid uses visualization, redistribution and consolidation of hardware and software components with necessary computing policies for the applications.

Technical architecture of Oracle Enterprise Grid includes 4 levels: the average level of application servers (Application Server Grid), the level of database servers (Database Grid), the level of data storage devices (Storage Grid), control level (Grid Control).

For virtualization of storage devices the ASM module (Automatic Storage Manager) is used. ASM, which is a specialized sample of Oracle, performs the function of cluster file system and manager volumes uniting disc resources into groups.

The level of server databases of Oracle Enterprise Grid is represented by database server cluster architecture Oracle - Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), which uses multi-platform cluster program software – Oracle Cluster Ready Services (CRS).

The level of server applications is represented by cluster servers using Oracle Application Server infrastructure and executing Oracle HTTP Server, J2EE Server, WebCache and other components. The common poll of resources offered by the cluster is dynamically redistributed to enable the functioning of the necessary Oracle AS component in compliance with pre-installed allocation policies.

Administration, settings and diagnostics is a component of common infrastructure of data processing network driven by Grid Control module providing for management of software and hardware components executing Oracle Enterprise Grid technical infrastructure. It includes data base servers, application servers, cashing and load balancing means.