Introduction of spam defense system

MAK bank Client:
MAK bank
Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, successfully completes introduction of spam protection system at MAK-Bank CB.

Today the problem of undesired bulk mail has become very relevant for many companies actively using e-mail in their business processes. The high share of spam in mail box results in lost hours spent on searching the necessary messages.

Taking into account these circumstances and trying to avoid negative consequences, MAK-Bank addressed Open Technologies asking to install a spam protection system.

Having analyzed the mail system of the company, the specialists of the system integrator helped the customer not only to choose the most suitable technical decision and supply the necessary samples of equipment for load and functional testing of the customer's territory.

As a result of the comparative analysis, it chose Cisco IronPort C150 device as equipment for building the protection system.

It provides for the most efficient blocking of both traditional spam and latest developments like B&W spam, pdf and Russian language spam. It consists of a 2 level security system.  The first level includes the so-called "reputation filters" (reputation assessment is made on the basis of request to SenderBase, major analyzing service of   Internet traffic mail).  The second one serves as a classical spam fighting tool on the basis of renewed rules.

According to Alexey Filatenkov, deputy head of Open Technologies Information Security Department, "we recommended Cisco IronPort solution to MAK-Bank as it showed high results of spam fighting while testing the customer's network deleting no less than 99.2% of undesired correspondence from the mail traffic".

"The introduction of Cisco IronPort allowed substantially decreasing the load on the bank's server.  I'd like to pointy to friendly and self-intuitive system web-interface, various reports variants and fast search of message state in the log", said Denis Zaborov, head of MAK-Bank Information Security Department.

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