Implementation of hyperconverged platform In Otkritie bank

The components of “classic” and hyperconverged architectures conjoins on the hardware level of the upgraded system. The “classic” part of the cloud is built on the basis of HPE Synergy server equipment, Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax disk arrays in configuration with and without hardware data replication. VMware program products are used as the server program platform. Acropolis hypervisor and Citrix software are implemented on the hyperconverged platform for workplaces virtualization and application delivery. All services and compute capacities are provided on-request to users on self-service portal.
Today Dell Nutanix platform is the base for creation and implementation of the bank’s innovative products and services. All new program releases are implemented through the application transport system working on its basis. The resources of new engineering testing, that are built on the basis of micro services, are allocated from a part of the cloud, built on Dell Nutanix. The container environment integrated management control system on the basis of Kubernetes is also integrated with the cloud.
Virtual workplace infrastructure (VDI) and embedded in the bank IT- and business-processes umbrella-monitoring system based on Micro Focus Operations Bridge are implemented on the hyperconvered platform. It helps to track almost all levels of the bank’s operational activities management – from IT-infrastructure to business-processes, including critically important ones.

Creation of cable system complex, designed to organize wireless connection on the “Cherkizovo” robotic factory Software and applications bundled support for "Azbuka Vkusa"