Provision of automated information processing systems data security

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, informed about completion of testing the information security of the automatic data processing system at the Population Employment Department of Tyumen Region and introduction of  security equipment.

The regulating authorities of the Russian Federation in the filed of information security ordered state organizations to provide for the necessary level of protection of confidential information. With regard to this objective the Employment Department  decided to include the information security system (ISS) in its automatic system.

It was decided to build the ISS in several stages.  

At first the specialists of Open Technologies tested the existing level of information security of the customer's automatic system. They studied the peculiarities of the system, reveled the channels of possible threats, analyzed the efficiency of security measures and protective equipment.  The analysis included both the methodical recommendations of the regulating authorities and the methods of the system integrator itself.  

After that the customer received recommendations on possible modification of its automatic system in order to enhance its security

A protected data transfer channel was launched between the Employment Department of Tyumen  Region and Federal Service on Employment and Labor (Rostrud). The channel is protected by certified security devices..
One of the peculiarities of the project was integrated approach to the provision of security with regard to the requirements of the regulating authorities of the RF in the field of confidential information protection. It was  a pilot project for the customer. Further development of the informational security system is planned.  

According to Lyudmila Minkova, the Head of IT& A Department at the Population Employment Department of Tyumen Region "the specialists of Open Technologies demonstrated high professionalism and the knowledge of their subject, having completed all jobs in full volume. As a result of these activities, we got an opportunity of decreasing the risk of the potential damage from informational threats",

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