"Samaraenergo" puts billing system into commercial operation

19 May 2014 The company Open Technologies - Russian system integrator and "Samaraenergo" - the largest energy sales company of Volga region, announce the completion of a project on integration of automated control system for electricity sales and financial settlements with consumers (ACS SERP).

The project of development and implementation of billing system for "Samaraenergo" was launched in late 2010.

Before the start of the project each department of the company has been using its own accounting system - the fact that led to duplication of data entry, created difficulties in the formation of the consolidated financial accounts and seriously impeded the interaction with the network organizations.

In order to improve the quality of customer service and to optimize the system of payment for consumed electric energy, the company decided to implement modern and effective system of energy sales management that would allow to continuously improve business processes of sales, accounting, planning and forecasting of load and prices for electric energy.

According to the results of the competition, company Open Technologies was chosen as the main executor of the project.

In the course of the project Russian system integrator together with the customer has completed a large amount of work, namely:

 - the business processes of the company were formalized;
- the system was customized; the data migration from a previous version was completed;
 - a new feature that had been absent in the basic version of the system was created;
- key end-users have been trained;
 - the technical support system of end-users was created.

The new billing system is built on the basis of SAP software products, namely SAP Solution Manager, SAP for Utilities and SAP Business Object. As the technical platform Fujitsu FlexFrame for SAP has been used, the solution that provided scalability and fault tolerance of the system at all levels (hardware, OS, VM, SAP applications).

As the result of system implementation the company provided for centralization of all information flows and the optimization of report forming, it also managed to reduce transaction costs and to increase financial transparency of the organization's activities.

Billing system for private persons was put into commercial operation in October 2012, for legal entities - in 2014.

In the present moment the system successfully operates in all branches of "Samaraenergo" and is responsible for all financial settlements with more than 540 000 inhabitants of Samara region and more than 17 200 industrial enterprises.

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