Administration of the Republic of Komi accepts hardware-software system "Safe city"

15 September 2014
The Republic of Komi looks upon security issues as some of the fundamental ones, since their proper organization provides for the sustainable development of economics, social sector and attracts investments in the region. But the implementation of such fundamental tasks is impossible without a solid approach, which must be based on a conceptual design.

In the framework of the hardware-software system "Safe city" development, regional government has approved the concept of "Safe city" at the territory of the Republic of Komi for 2014 - 2020 and company Open Technologies has been chosen as the main contractor for its realization. The subject of this concept is not only a technical development of the complex, but also formation of regulations for information interaction of all the participants involved in the process of ensuring security in the region.

The adoption of this concept helped to establish the basis for sustainable development of the region and to define the vision of the program for follow-up activities in the Republic of Komi.

"In any project you want a proper development of the concept with a clear indication of its objectives, both short and long term. This concept represents the officially accepted system of views on the goals, objectives and basic principles in the security sphere and field of sustainable development of the Republic. This includes the questions of conservation of life and health of the population, the protection of its rights and liberties under the conditions of external and internal threats," says Alexei Dronov, Head of Integrated Security Systems Department in Open Technologies.

In the accepted concept the hardware-software system "Safe city" is regarded not only as a comprehensive safety system at the municipal and regional level, but also as a service. Thus, all the involved governmental agencies must have the access to the resources of the system with the differentiation on the necessity and sufficiency of the information received.

On the basis of the accepted document strategy and general design concepts will be developed in order to create all over the Republic of Komi the systems of support, regulation and coordination of activities of all participants of the security process, including the targeted programs aimed to ensure the population protection against specific threats.

The concept also touches upon the issues of a unified technical policy of authorities and economic and social structures of the population in the security sphere. In accordance with this concept, the legal base of ensuring the security of both of individuals and society must be significantly improved.

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