LTE-network has been tested in Minsk

20 December 2013

The testing of LTE network was organized by the company Open Technologies, mobile operator MTS, company "Belarusian Cloud Technologies" and the scientific-research laboratory of the University BGUIR and BelGIE. The equipment was provided by the Chinese company Huawei.

Specialists checked the possibility of joint use of LTE-networks by several operators simultaneously on the basis of a single hardware platform.

Testing was held from the 1-st September till the 30-d of November. Altogether 4 basic LTE Advanced-networks were deployed in Minsk. Different issues on adjustment and optimization of network equipment in the joint use-mode have been thoroughly investigated. Practical work on the construction of LTE and LTE-Advanced network, based on the principle of shared use (sharing) by two or more operators with the organization of their equal access to services, has been also conducted.

In addition to that, the possibility of a single radio module usage for simultaneous work of LTE and GSM technologies was checked and the technology of the voice traffic transfer from the LTE-network to the GSM network was tested. Cisco switching equipment for traffic package processing (provided by the company Open Technologies) has been also tested. In total, more than a hundred of different tests have been conducted.

The testing process has also determined the maximum speed of data transfer and the terms of usage of the radio frequency spectrum by LTE Advanced-network. The mutual impact of LTE network and other radio services, sharing the same data frequency band has been assessed. During the testing process of the fourth-generation network specialists managed to reach a maximum speed of data transmission of 240 Mbps in LTE Advanced-network and 150 Mbps in LTE-network. Thus, the operational testing confirmed the possibility of the construction and operation of the LTE-network in Belarus, as well as joint usage of the network by several operators simultaneously.

Taking into account the capital costs of the network construction, the specialists decided that they will have one infrastructure operator (beCloud) and all other operators will have the right to use the constructed network in order to provide services to specific subscribers (the range of the services and the rates they will specify themselves). LTE-network could be also used by other Internet service providers without a voice network and other companies that would like to become a mobile virtual network operator.

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