C7 IT has consolidated its server resources

23 December 2013

Open Technologies, Russian systems integrator, has announced the completion of the project on development and deployment of platform virtualization of server resources and workstations in C7 IT.

Before the project start the IT-infrastructure of the Company had an inherited architecture consisting of a large number of individual server systems with local disk subsystems. Therefore servers had heterogeneous load, required a large free space in the racks and were difficult to manage and to control.

Organization needed to consolidate all server resources on a single platform that would allow rapid deployment of new business systems, improve manageability and controllability of existing systems, provide the necessary SLA level and reduce space requirements and requirements to power and cooling equipment. The platform had to be scalable at all levels of implementation (software, server hardware resources, storage, communication). .

Company Open Technologies was selected as the general contractor.

Experts of Novosibirsk branch of Open Technologies company have carried out an analysis of existing products to ensure their compliance with customer requirements, solution development, installation and configuration of additional components on the platform and the launch of hardware and software system in operation.

The main element of the new platform is virtualization. The efficiency of its work and its function package has defined the performance characteristics of the solution in whole. In addition, this software has provided a unified environment for consolidation of server resources and workstations.

When choosing a product, specialists of Open Technologies have analyzed such aspects as the lifetime of the software in the market, its cost, the availability of efficient technical support and the efficiency of updates. One of the important criteria for the selection of hardware was the possibility of realization of unified centralized management.

As a result, for the creation of platform the following hardware and software has been selected:

  • virtualization products of VMware (forming the basis of the platform) ;
  • IBM BladeCenter servers (since it uses IBM virtualized communications that allow to make effective use of physical network resources for VMware platform, provide for the flexibility in configuration and reduce the total number of required equipment);
  • high-performance storage system EMC VNX, optimized for virtual applications (this system provides for the use of caching technologies and tiered storage based on SSD drives so as to increase the overall storage performance and reduce the requirements for the number of discs).

Implicit in this project architecture will help С7 IT to reduce the cost of information systems maintenance while increasing computing and disk resources capability, as well as avoiding the downtime risks due to hardware failure. 

"Open Technologies company has been our long-time partner in various infrastructure projects. C7 IT is currently actively involved in the complete reorganization of its network and server infrastructure. In the frames of this project the specialists of the system integrator have worked out a turn-key solution for the organization of two geographically-distributed complexes and completed the supply and installation of the equipment. As a result, in a short period of time we were able to significantly expand our computing resources and to create a reliable and, most importantly, scalable platform for functioning of the existing systems and their future development," - said Oleg Zhuravlev , CEO of LLC « C7 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY .

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