Open Technologies on the Belarusian market: During the International forum in Minsk the company has announced its willingness to offer the solutions based on the whole range of its technical competence and gathered in Russia project experience

20 September 2021 International forum BIT&BIS’21 – one of the main events on the ICT market - was held on the 9th of September in Minsk. Open Technologies took on the role of the gold partner. The company’s specialists shared their experience in the realization of different solutions based on the Russian and international leading products and technologies, and also presented one of the significant projects of the year gone by – deployment of the software-defined WAN-net for Samaraenergo.

BIT&BIS’21 is the International forum, which focuses on cloud solutions, IoT, IP, security, DPC, automation and modern engineering infrastructure. The event gathers together the representatives, from the one hand, of the ICT sphere, and, from the other hand, of the business-community: partners and experts share the innovations in their fields, personal experience and advices.

Open Technologies exist on the Belarusian market for more than 19 years, but according to different circumstances, has offered not the whole range of their competence. Forum BIT&BIS has become the turning point. During the panel discussion, devoted to the questions of building DPC, company’s CTO Pavel Anashchenko showed different approaches in project activities, told about the practice of working with customers on the initiatory stages of problems formalization, shared the experience in solving difficult questions within the limits of DPC organization projects. During the discussion the participants found out the interesting and non-standard solutions, which the company had implemented. Pavel expressed his willingness and desire to use the competence and experience, which the company has gathered during its 27-years working on the ICT market, in project management to the benefit of regional and international companies, presented on the Belarusian market.
One of the bright presentations, which arose a lot of discussions, became the speech of Open Technologies’ system architect Yury Lukianov – “Software-defined net Samaraenergo – the beginning…”, which was devoted to the first in the history of the Russian energy sector SD-WAN deployment project. Yury in his speech told everybody both about technologies, products and their implementation, and about the customer demands, difficulties and interesting solutions implemented in the software-defined WAN-net deployment and migration. He finished with future plans overview.

The expert group, consisting of Open Technologies and “Samaraenergo” PJSC personnel, has chosen Cisco SD-WAN solution for organizing the connection between the objects of energy network complex, and the equipment, realizing GOST-encryption algorithms, produced by the Russian manufacturer “C-Terra” for communication channels security. The project has included the whole cycle of works: research of the existing infrastructure, engineering design, building and installation, commissioning and migration to the new infrastructure. As the result the system has connected about 50 objects, spread out across Samara district.

Yury has devoted special attention to the technical side of the project – to the net architecture, controllers’ accommodation, variants of interconnection, topologies etc. The conclusion, which was presented to the audience in the end, can be referred to any actual technology, which Open Technologies’ specialists offer:
“Don’t be afraid of SD-WAN – it is only the natural development of technologies and best practices”.

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