Creation, development and maintenance of single network and computer infrastructure of the bank

Rosbank Client:
The project of Rosbank corporative information and computer network was started in 1996.  On the first stage there was an objective of creating a high-speed network core on the basis of Enterasys (Cabletron) equipment providing for floor switches of users and central servers of the bank. In 1997-1998 a powerful commutation network of Ethernet/Fast Ethernet ports was installed in the central office and the remote territory of the bank in Moscow.  The network growth was accompanied by introduction of Spectrum control system, which allowed monitoring the entire range of the operational equipment: active network, the main servers and the channels of link with other territories. It will allow promptly responding to the arising problems and curbing the time of their management.

Open Technologies installed Veritas Software providing for cluster mode of operation of the central bank application at Rosbank's principal computation node.  The program complex was checked and is now served by the specialists of our company.

The project also included supply of Cabletron network equipment for modernization of Rosbank's central office internal network.

Creation of a system of archive storage of mail data and file services Design and launch of utility systems


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