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SUBMiller Rus Client:
SUBMiller Rus
Open Technologies and Transmark LLC, Russian representative office of international corporation SABMiller announced about completion of the project on building a protected corporative network.

The specialists of Open Technologies and Transmark made a joint research of the net. After assessing the requirements of the customer and results of the research a decision was taken protecting the data transferring channels between the central office located in Moscow and industrial subdivisions in Kaluga and Tolstopaltsevo. Cisco equipment was used to organize interaction along VPN (Virtual Private Network) channel.  

The first stage of the project included installation and configuration of firewall screen in the central office in Moscow.  The interaction between office in Moscow, Kaluga and Tolstopaltsevo was tested. The firewall Cisco PIX was selected as a device terminating the VPN-channels in the central office. Cisco 2621 and Cisco 1721 routers were installed in the offices and VPN was built on the basis of IPSec protocol. Each of the sites of geographically distributed network has reserve communication channels, which automatically receive the principal load, if the main load collapses.

The second stage of the project provided for standard solution on setting up communications with the remote office of the company via protected Internet channel of data transfer. This year this standard solution will be used while switching all regional offices of the company.

On the third stage the central office of the company (Moscow) was equipped with a system detecting attacks and protecting the critically  important  resources of local net segment with program software complex of Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Hewlett-Packard.

"The project took into account tough requirements to IS. We outsourced the specialist of Open Technologies for the project and are satisfied with the results", pointed out Valery Shkapin, Security Director at Transmark. Close cooperation with the specialists of Transmark at all stages of the project contributed to efficient introduction of modern protective means. Equipment of several producers was integrated during the project. It totally satisfied the required level of protection of corporate network", pointed out Dmitry Severov, technical director of Open Technologies.

The project will be continued. The center of reserving the data will be organized in Kaluga on the next stage.

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