Open Technologies and the Association of Russian Banks held a joint webinar at which the was presented OT.Platform project

4 June 2020 On June 3, 2020, a webinar was held, which was jointly held by the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and the Open Technologies company. The main topic for discussion was “Why in a crisis period should the leadership of the bank become conductor of its digital transformation. Examples and techniques".

The latest IT solutions have always been and remain in the field of view of the business. Many banks already use various technologies in their practice. The main driver of digital transformation is, first of all, the top management of banks, since in the global sense this concerns the issue of strategic business development. Digital transformation becomes an inevitable process, as a result of adaptation to new conditions. The introduction of digital solutions not only enhances competitiveness, but also takes business to a new level of development.

Grigory Shevchenko, Vice President, strategic customer relations, Open Technologies, gave a presentation and talked about how Big Data and its analytics are a working tool, without which it is impossible to imagine the work of banks and companies in the digital era economics and how customer behavior is modeled on the basis of big data, demand is forecasted, preferences are formed, products and services are adapted. In his speech, he noted that big data management allows companies to predict technical failures, search and fix inefficient business processes, identify negligent employees, optimize costs and increase productivity.

OT.Platform was presented to the webinar participants - universal technological platform for building systems for collecting and analyzing large amounts of data. The powerful analytical core of OT.Platform the uses advanced methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence. An important advantage is the presence in its composition of a high-level query language that allows the use of machine learning methods and the construction of analytical digital models without programming. This advantage is unique and allows you to use OT.Platform directly to industry experts. Using this tool will provide an opportunity for the banking community to optimize business processes, reach a new level of management and improve financial performance.

The webinar recording and presentation are posted on the ARB website in the Video

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