Open Technologies launch a new comprehensive solution for regional security

2 October 2013

The company Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, announces the development and launching of a new integrated solution for regional security - AIS CUBE.

AIS CUBE (automated informational system for integrated security management) is the complex solution for integration and analysis of information flows in the framework of interdepartmental cooperation for regional security.

The main role of the AIS CUBE – is to inform the heads of respective levels (from municipal level up to the level of the governor) about the object of responsibility and to support their decisions on the basis of complex IT-systems and regulatory documents.

Логотип АИС КУБ

The key purpose of AIS CUBE functioning is the coordination of all forces and means that help to ensure the security of the region (city) in the online mode.

To attain these goals the system uses information and analytical software that provides specialized regional services and offices with access to the following types of permanently updated information:

  • To Emergency Ministry – data on the natural and anthropogenic emergency situations, as well as measures for their prevention and elimination;
  • To Ministry of Internal Affairs – information about the illegal actions and the state of public security, traffic accidents, intellectual data traffic management systems;
  • To Ministry of Health – data on victims that got injured as a result of incidents and the subsequent monitoring of their health up to the date of diagnosis, provision the injured with all vital drugs (through integration with the local medical information systems);
  • To Housing and Utility Services – data on the efficiency of the reporting objects and resources;
  • To relevant government authorities – coded data constituting a state secret (the subsystem «HAZE» - a state inter-Ministerial linear equipment).

Geoinformation analytical system serves as the interaction interface of all participants. The system allows to combine all the above mentioned operators on the conditions of assignment of access privileges and to divide the data on open (available to everyone) and specific (that would be available only to the competent authorities).

AIS CUBE is the “turnkey” solution. In addition to traditional IT-solution, consisting of a data center, gateway integration with departmental networks and software complex of data analysis and visualization, the solution also includes the services of outsourcing of non-core to the regional administration tasks (for example, technical support of communication nodes). The complex of the regulatory-reference documentation on the organizational structure, which will be implemented AIS CUBE in practice, is also included there.

AIS CUBE is a unique solution that involves all our company's competence. It not only aims at increasing the efficiency of solution of regional security issues and interdepartmental interaction of the power block, but is also the answer of the regional authorities to the social request of the inhabitants. In addition, the level of security in the region is one of the indicators of investment attractiveness”, - says Sergey Svetov, Head of special projects Department of the company Open Technologies.

According to Maxim Gluschenko, Head of Department on work with the regional administration: “For regional administration it is important to follow the path of high-tech development and the logical continuation of the «Safe cities» theme is AIS CUBE that provides informational connectivity of data flows from the already known and taken into operation systems, such as a subsystem of CCTV and facial recognition and public service, System-112 and some others, which we have already implemented in Samara, Ufa, Republic of North Ossetia – Alania”.

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