Open Technologies at Communication Expocomm 2012 show - Open Technologies takes part in Communication Expocomm 2012 show held in Expocenter at Krasnaya Presnya Street on May 14-17.

15 May 2012

Open Technologies takes part in Communication Expocomm 2012 show held in Expocenter at Krasnaya Presnya Street on May 14-17.

At its stand the system integrator demonstrated a new control system for sales channels motivation scheme and compensation to the dealers, which appeared on the Russian market this year. The solution is the world leader in its filed allowing the operator applying the best practices in business data. It accumulates all functions for creation, control and modeling of motivation schemes and schemes of calculating compensations; it shifts the functions of calculating scheme changes control from IT to business subdivisions.

The operator, who applies the solution, receives the following opportunities:

  • Control over motivation schemes of sellers and partners with engaging IT subdivisions;
  • Immediate view of the plan performance and forecast for the end of the period;
  • Performing current calculation of motivation schemes;
  • Holding fast "competition" activities;
  • Accruing express bonuses for sale;
  • Recalculation and correction of accounts for the previous periods;
  • Training sellers and automatic assessment of sales results.

As far as new components are concerned, the Net Control Center solution has already become traditional. Since optimization of business processes is still relevant, the exhibition featured amore costly advanced approach to similar solutions. The implementation of Net Control Center will allow applying integrated approach to automatic exploitation of business processes based on the best filed methods. The solution has the following advantages:

  • High implementation speed;
  • Low investment costs;
  • High flexibility and scalability;
  • Integration with any equipment and systems;
  • Unification of requirements to the knowledge of NCC staff;
  • Reduction of investment risks;
  • Relatively low ownership cost.

Having implemented the first Russian project of services supply environment based on service oriented architecture in 2011, Open Technologies applied this decision at its stand, acquainting visitors with examples of new services implemented on its basis. The use of SOA-based services supply environment enables telecommunication companies to promptly promote cheaper services to the market. High introduction speed allows cutting the iteration of new scenario of a service to 2-3 days. It completely changes products and work of technical subdivisions.

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