Grocery retail chain "Krasny Yar" updates data storage systems

22 April 2014 "Krasny Yar" carries out traditional trade in the format of classic supermarket and serves more than 100 thousand customers. The product range of the supermarket includes more than 13 thousand units.

For financial and accounting management since 2004 company keeps the database based on the resources of corporate enterprise storage systems.

However with time, due to the growth of shops number and the increased flow of customers, the volume of processed data has also increased. And the storage system in question could no longer cope with the load, this leading to the lower productivity: some necessary reports could be generated almost a day.

To solve this problem simply by scaling the old system turned out to be economically unprofitable due to the high cost of outdated drive types. In addition, there was a need to increase the performance of operations, including application of tiered storage with automatic data distribution depending on its usage. The new solution had to provide continuous, uninterrupted functioning of the retail chain and data safety in case of hardware failures, software failures and personnel errors.

In order to choose the proper solution for storage system upgrade, the company undertook a comparison of offers sent by several manufacturers and analyzed the experience of various equipment employment for data storage in other retail chains of the Siberian Federal district. According to the conducted survey, the products of EMC Corporation turned out to be the best possible solution. In addition to the product characteristics, they had some unique technologies, such as two built-in UPS that support off-store functioning in the case of power-down and the technology of creating cache from SSD drives.

In the course of the project the specialists of the company Open Technologies have carried out the following specter of works: supply and delivery of the equipment, its installation and setup of data storage, its testing in different RAID models and a phased and organized process of putting system into operation.

"Having modernized the data storage systems, we were able to achieve significant increase in productivity of the main database of the company. The operating reports are now formed 6-10 times faster. This allows not only to get the necessary data without delay but also to make the financial and management decisions faster", - said Maxim Vaisov, IT-Director of the retail chain "Krasny Yar".

"Taking into account the high-level requirements of the Client to the speed, resiliency and cost of scaling storage, we managed to choose the solution from the world-leader in the field of data storage - EMC Corporation. Besides all the above mentioned, it also differed from the others in terms of solution implementation and the absence of any problems when connecting to IT-infrastructure", - said Anton Palmin, Director of the regional office of Open Technologies in Krasnoyarsk. - As a result we managed to complete the project ahead of schedule"

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